2 Bedroom Apartments Utilities Included, #MyFirstRent: When $900 in LA only gets you a shared room at a hostel


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2 Bedroom Apartments Utilities Included –  We’re seeking your stories about the first place you lived in Los Angeles as well as how much you paid for rent. Read a story from one of KPCC’s own, and share yours! When I initially moved to L.a in 2007, I didn’t work. I really did not have any kind of friends in the city. However I did have one point: a place to live.

The hostel was straightforward, yet eye-catching, with light pastel paints evoking the Southern The golden state feel. The living quarters were established like university dorm rooms– with two or more of us in many rooms. At a grand overall of regarding $900 a month, paid week to week, it had not been economical, yet that’s just what features an area that’s not indicated to be more than a transitional home.

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It was also the area where I had food swiped from my hands while strolling house– two times. Note to self: pay attention to your environments.

Still, it was clean, and also the people were interesting. I fulfilled paparazzos, English vacationers, aspiring cooks as well as aiming Scientologists. We put up holiday designs together and assisted each other find out L.A. It’s where I first gotten in touch with other individuals after my relocation– I still have the DVDs one of the various other tenants offered me as a memory of that time.

My relocation repaid when the job interview I ‘d aligned before relocating resulted in a real full-time job. I took place to face other real estate issues in my early years in L.A.– I managed roaches ($ 800 a month), a Craigslist flatmate that obtained us tossed out as well as ran off with my deposit ($ 900 a month), a skunk spraying under my space ($ 800 a month) as well as a lot more– but I kept gaining ground.

I’m luckily now in an apartment or condo that’s a lot much less likely to create one more of these stories.

Do you have any kind of stories regarding your first home in L.A.? We want to know when as well as exactly what area it was, as well as just how much you paid in rental fee. Allow us know in the remarks below, or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #MyFirstRent. Share a picture, if you’ve obtained one!

This story is part of KPCC’s in-depth protection of Southern The golden state’s housing situation. Follow along as we aim to address: Exactly how did we get to this factor? What’s being done to repair the issue? And also where do we go from here?